We have just delivered our 1,000,000th shockwave! As we hit this significant milestone, physio Johnny Cassidy, looks back on our Shockwave Therapy clinic and the incredible results that he has witnessed.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is a relatively new treatment with scientifically proven, excellent results for chronic tendon and fascia conditions, such as, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, Achilles tendinopathy and frozen shoulder. Shockwave Therapy owes its heritage to lithotripsy where focused shockwaves were used to break apart gall stones so they could be passed. A number of years later, a bit of lateral thinking and a strong evidence base now presents SWT as the ‘gold standard’ treatment for chronic tendon conditions and especially for plantar fasciitis.

Johnny recalls, “I had been been aware of Shockwave Therapy for some time and had carried out a good chunk of research into it when I worked with Sheffield Eagles Rugby League Club. At that time the kit was incredibly expensive and it was only really consultant orthopaedic surgeons who were delivering the treatment, mostly in London. My interested was reignited in 2015 when Paul and I attended a conference on professional football injuries where lots of different companies were exhibiting their Shockwave devices. After some discussion and a specialized training course (again in London!) we formed a good relationship with VENN Healthcare who supplied our machine”.

“I was pretty sure Shockwave Therapy was going to be great for our patients, but the results of this treatment have genuinely been surprising. Time and again the treatment has exceeded our patients’ expectations, many of whom had been suffering with chronic conditions for years. There are numerous examples but Claire’s case particularly stands out with complete resolution of her foot pain after 6 years of plantar fasciitis”.

The exciting thing about this innovative new treatment is that the evidence base continues to grow meaning the range of chronic conditions that can be safely and effectively treated is ever expanding. The most recent research shows Shockwave Therapy to be successful in the treatment of trigger finger which again we have examples of here at The Physios.

Do get in touch if you would like to know more about Shockwave Therapy or to see if a different treatment approach could help you.