The Physios started over 20 years ago. During which we have enjoyed a excellent reputation among GPs and patients for providing skilled physiotherapy by experienced clinicians.

It’s our experience that makes us different – years of ‘hands-on’ treatment and a commitment to further education gives us reason to be confident that we can provide the specialist care you need.

No waiting lists or fruitless consultations, we will get to the bottom of your problem quickly. We have successfully treated over 10,000 patients so you can be confident you have come to the right place.

Meet The Team

99,999 patients treated

We've treated over 10,000 patients; each has their own success story to tell

It began as a lovely day but became a day to remember, for all the wrong reasons. My horse tripped and fell to his knees. I remember nothing.

I regained consciousness with my hat, head, neck and face badly damaged. A CT scan revealed no brain injury. The months that followed were very difficult with limited neck movements, dizziness, pain and shock. I was recommended by a friend to see The Physios. This was the point at which my recovery really began. Paul’s unparalleled treatment, his compassion and total confidence made me feel there was hope.

I finally rode my horse again in July. I was so proud and emotional that I had come through this traumatic time in my life. Without Paul’s help and encouragement I’m sure I would have had great difficulty reaching my goal. I can only say “thank you”.


In 2013 I began to suffer with debilitating back pain, with shooting pains into my leg. I eventually found out that I had prolapsed two discs in my lower back. I was prescribed increasingly strong medication by my GP to relieve the symptoms, but this made me feel nauseous. I struggled to stand up straight at times and as the months passed, I was losing hope that I would recover in a meaningful way.

From my first appointment at The Physios, I felt that my condition improved and importantly, that there was a plan in place for my recovery. Within weeks I was able to stop taking pain medication – within a few months strengthening exercises, I was able to start running short distances. Now I’m back to circuit training and I occasionally play touch rugby; I no longer have any back pain.

I can’t quite believe it.


I love the outdoors but following a skiing accident I thought I would never get back to the things I love. Recovery from a tibial plateau fracture and ACL injury is slow and there were times I thought I would lose all hope! The first question I asked my surgeon was, “could I ski again?” He said my recovery would take 2 years and I would always need a brace to go skiing.

I popped into The Physios looking for a knee brace and, despite not having an appointment, I was introduced to Johnny. Half an hour later my life changed! He gave me a choice; yes I could buy a brace or I could work with him and get my knee better. It was refreshing to hear so much positivity. It was hard work but Johnny made good on his promise – 6 months later I was back on the mountain again.

It has taken 2 years to recover but had I not just popped into The Physios on the off-chance I wouldn’t be where I am now. The whole team at The Physios are fantastic.


In 2010 I developed lower back problems. Unfortunately lots of different medication and even injections at the pain clinic had a temporary effect only. It was at this point my GP sent me to The Physios. After some hands on treatment my back was much more comfortable and I was able to get on with my life.

However, in March 2014 I had a really bad flare up of my back pain. Again The Physios were on hand to provide the support I needed – hands on treatment, progressive exercises and Pilates. By Spring my pain had gone and I was able to do all the things I have not been able to do for a long time – walking, swimming, gardening and even housework.

I am still doing well with an occasional physio session and have hardly any pain – all thanks to the care I have received. I have come to know the whole team over the years – they are amazing people – very professional, kind and caring.


A friend recommended The Physios after I started having problems with my knee. Simple tasks such as climbing the stairs were difficult and having an increasing effect on my life. From the first appointment, The Physios have always been friendly, caring and professional.

Paul initially gave me advice and hands-on physiotherapy, which provided some relief. However, after some months, the pain worsened and Paul suggested a Hyaluronic acid (synovial fluid replacement) injection into the joint. After the injection, the pain and swelling disappeared and movement significantly improved.

That was nearly two years ago – I now enjoy long walks, dancing, gardening and gym sessions and still have no pain!

This is no ordinary Physiotherapy centre. I am so thankful for the help, advice and personal care I have always received at The Physios.