Achilles Strengthening Exercises | 5 Level Pathway


Achilles strengthening exercises. As we discussed in our previous blog Achilles Tendinopathy | Treatment, stretching alone will not cure Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles Strengthening Exercises

This blog is part of a specific, 5 level, strengthening pathway to follow step by step. Stick to the following rules before progressing to the next level:

  • Quality over quantity. Ensure you perform each exercise slowly, with control
  • Stick to the reps and sets advised
  • Try to perform barefoot if possible. Use trainers if too sore
  • Ideally you want to feel muscle ache from working out, not pain
  • A mild soreness is OK to keep going. Nothing more than 3 out of 10 on your pain scale that recovers within 24 hours of completing the exercise
  • If pain intensifies above 3 out of 10 during the exercise STOP. Come back a level
  • If pain persists above 3 out 10 for more than 24 hours after completing the exercise STOP. Come back a level
  • Only add weight or progress to the next level once you have had a full week of no pain above 3 out of 10 when completing the exercise
  • Keep the strength work going for at least 12-16 weeks overall regardless of the level you are at
  • You do not have to complete every level. As long as you have performed the exercises for 12-16 weeks and are back running pain free your pathway is complete

**If your Achilles pain occurs in the middle of the tendon follow the exercises for MID-TENDON STRENGTHENING on a step. If your Achilles pain occurs at the point on the back of the heel bone follow the exercises for INSERTIONAL STRENGTHENING on the floor**

Achilles Strengthening | Mid-Tendon | Isometrics On 1 Foot

How often?: x4 reps x45 second holds. x2-3 sets a day. Every day

Achilles Strengthening | Insertional | Isometrics On 1 Foot

How often?: x4 reps x45 second holds. x2-3 sets a day. Every day

If you have completed a full week of LEVEL 3Ā strengthening without exceeding 3 out of 10 pain you can advance to LEVEL 4.

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