If you are looking for some light at the end of the tunnel, the Government’s announcement this week that the alert level has been reduced must surely indicate that we are all heading in the right direction! As an essential service, we have been providing physiotherapy on a reduced basis for people who have really needed our help and at the same time working hard to create a safe environment for everyone visiting the practice and our team. The good news is that we are now ready – to extend our opening, our team and our services!

Extended opening

Monday 1.00pm – 8.00pm

Wednesday 8.30am – 8.00pm

Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm

As we open our doors a little more, please be assured we will continue to be vigilant to minimise the risk to anyone attending for treatment. We have enhanced cleanliness-specific procedures in place, we have installed automatic hand sanitiser units throughout the building, we are monitoring our staff and visitor temperatures and are using PPE to ensure your safety. Many people want to re-start treatment and for those who need to stay away our online consultations remain a very good option. For anyone wishing to attend the practice, your physiotherapist will have a short telephone conversation with you before the appointment to ensure that is the best option for you.

Extended team

We are so looking forward to bringing our team back over the coming months and we’re starting this process in July. We’ve missed them and we know that they are an essential part of delivering the best care we can.

Jon Grayson’s dairy is now open for bookings from Wednesday July 1st. We have had so many runners getting in touch over lockdown and if you are one of those or you have seen Jon before, you can now get into to see him. You can now book to see Jon directly or give reception a call on 0114 267 8181.


Kate Mackintosh‘s Pilates classes are coming back to the studio! Throughout lockdown Kate has been providing her excellent Pilates sessions via Zoom. These sessions have been free of charge with lots of people donating their class fee to Food Bank and other local charities. Of course we cannot open our Pilates studio just yet but from July we will be offering 3 ‘live’ online classes each week and an expanding library of resources to use in-between. This will operate on a membership basis with a small monthly fee. Do check our recent newsletter for more information.

Extended services

Throughout lockdown physiotherapy was considered an essential service and whilst we have been able to help some people there have been some services and treatments we have had to withdraw temporarily – most notably injection therapy. We are pleased to announce that we are now able to re-introduce injection therapy along with other specialist treatments.

Injection therapy is a safe and effective way to manage degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis or irritable injuries such as frozen shoulder. This service is lead by our principal physiotherapist, Paul Hattam. Paul and Johnny have recently had the opportunity to discuss how helpful injections can be for osteoarthritis of the knee – do check out their conversation here.


First contact practitioners. As restrictions such as the 2m social distancing rule relaxes in July, GPs are expecting a huge increase in demand for their services. All of our clinicians here are The Physios are first contact practitioners, meaning we are uniquely qualified to assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries without the need to see your GP. Some of our team are also independent prescribers, which means we are able to prescribe pain relief medication for MSK conditions.

Headaches and neck pain. With lots of people now working from home during lockdown, we had seen lots of people struggling with neck pain and headaches. Do check out our recent video on how to optimise your home working environment. Clinical Director Johnny Cassidy has a specialist interest in neck pain and headaches and is now able to reopen this essential service.


Extended (Err not quite yet!) car parking

If you have passed the practice recently you will have noticed that we have started our much needed renovation works on the front car park. The rear car park is still available for patients to use but parking will be significantly limited for the next few weeks. Whilst these works are on-going, if you can visit the practice without bringing your car all the better! As an alternative, there is car parking at the Francis Newton pub on Clarkehouse Road (£3 for 2 hours) and on-street parking in the vicinity which costs 70p for one hour.

Should you have any queries regarding our clinic opening times or the services we are offering, you can contact us at any time via our website. Alternatively feel free to give reception a call during the times above and they will be happy to help.