FREE advice on running injuries & prevention

65-80% of runners get injured every year! That’s a huge amount. In the UK alone 2 million people run once a week to keep fit. Even higher at this time of year given a New Year resolutions. That’s why it’s essential to get good advice on how to spot injuries, treat them right, and most importantly prevent them from happening again. An injury-free, skilled runner is one who has good technique, good control, and does the right amount at the right time. Learn more at our free advice running seminars.

Running Seminars

Physio, Jon Grayson, has quickly developed a clinical reputation as a running specialist building on his many years of experience working with runners in the centre of London. As such, he has been asked to deliver some running seminars as part of Up and Running’s injury prevention & treatment series. These sessions will discuss the top 5 reported running injuries:

Plantar fasciitis | Runners Knee | Shin Splints | Achilles Tendinopathy | ITB Friction Syndrome

These informal and interactive talks will aim to answer the following:

  • what is it?
  • what are the symptoms to look out for?
  • what are the common reasons for running injuries?
  • what are the best treatments for each condition?
  • what are the best running tips for an ideal technique?
  • how to prevent injuries long term

Wednesday 31st January at 6pm | Plantar fasciitis | Achilles Tendinopathy

Wednesday 7th February at 6pm | Runners knee | ITB Friction Syndrome | Shin Splints

Running Seminars

All sessions will take place at the UP & RUNNING store on Church Street, and are completely free of charge, so grab some expert running advice whilst you can.

Do check out Jon‘s specialised zone of the website Runners Hub where there will be regular advice, information and resources for runners.

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Remember. Running is evolving. Keep up with the pace!