Beginner runner?

Whats your RUN SCORE?


FREE running event for beginners showcasing our new RUN SCORE. A simple and effective scoring system aimed at getting you running well, injury free. Come and ‘Get Ready to Run’ @ the physios. Our running community is forever expanding and we’re aiming to give you all the help we can to ensure this continues.


Run Score

We will be teaming up with

On the day

12 – 1pm

FREE RUN SCORE assessment demo from Jon Grayson @ The Physios

1 – 2pm

FREE Trainers advice from Rich Smith @ Up & Running

FREE beginner runners’ starter kit with any new trainer purchase

FREE trainers & sports bra fittings

Up to 25% OFF new trainers, kit and accessories

Up to 20% OFF sports bras

2.30 – 3pm

FREE 3km guided run led by the Up & Running SRG


Assess. Prevent. Improve

We will be showcasing our inaugural RUN SCORE assessment at the ‘Get Ready to Run’ event. RUN SCORE is now the assessment part of our RUN LAB package. This simple scoring system gives you your very own personal running score. It looks at the 3 main pillars of running. FORM, CONDITION and your weekly REGIME are the pillars that give you the foundation to get running well, injury free.

Your RUN SCORE will:

Spot the weak links before they potentially become a problem

Help treat persistent niggles that are holding you back

Fine tune your ability to reach those elusive PB’s


One size doesn’t fit all. No one runner is the same. Whether you’re just starting out on the C25K, training for your first event, or just want to keep enjoying the benefits of running weekly with your friends, RUN SCORE allows us to create a bespoke plan for you. Be it tinkering with your technique, getting you a bit more fit for function, or revamping your regime.


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Running is Evolving. Keep up with the pace!