Having a baby is life changing in more ways than the obvious lack of sleep, priority changes and a different social calendar. Your body changes a lot too and the demands placed upon it after labour are significant. The Mummy MOT is a way of ensuring that any potential problems are identified and addressed for your future pelvic health and returning to the activities you enjoy.

We believe that all women should have the opportunity to be thoroughly assessed after birth by a specialist physiotherapist in addition to the 6 week GP check up, but what are some of the key signs that should alert you to get help?

  • Your tummy is doming or feels weak when you lift or bend or push the pram or try to return to some sort of exercise
  • You have any kind of pressure in your lower abdominals or “down below”
  • You have difficulty holding on when you need to go to the bathroom
  • You go more often than every 3 hours to empty your bladder
  • You have pain in your lower back or pelvic region (especially if you had this in pregnancy and it hasn’t disappeared)
  • You have pain in your stitches, whether that is from a caesarean or normal delivery
  • Your scar feels stuck or painful
  • You feel like you are never empty after emptying your bladder
  • You have pain during intercourse
  • You feel heaviness or dragging “down below”, especially with exercise

All of these problems can be helped with physiotherapy, so please see someone if you have concerns.

Do get in touch for more information on this bespoke assessment or to have a conversation with our specialist physio, Sarah. Alternatively there are lots more resources and advice on our specialised Pregnancy, post-natal and pelvic health zone of our website.