Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome | Level 3 | Lunge Walks

Goal: Improve dynamic trunk & lateral hip stability along with thigh strength

How often?: Aim for 3-5 sets of 30 seconds repetitions. Twice a day. Every other day

Instructions: Slowly, with control, lunge forwards with one leg, keeping the knee inline with the foot and body upright. Aim for 4 steps one way, then 4 steps back. You can try reverse lunges as well. **You can also add a weight in your hand to make this harder, holding by your side or above your head**

*If you experience any pain during or after each exercise then stop immediately and consult a Physiotherapist*

The scientific proof

Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Volume 41, Number 8, July 2009, pp. 604-612(9)

Hip-Muscle Activation during the Lunge, Single-Leg Squat, and Step-Up-and-Over Exercises in Journal of Sport Rehabilitation