We are living in unprecedented times of social distancing and isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We hope you are safe and well. During this period we have the technology to bring you Pilates at Home – right into your living room (or anywhere with an internet connection)!

Physical exercise is as imperative as ever to not only stay fit but also for the many mental health benefits.

Pilates is a great (and safe) way to start moving, return to movement after injury or, for those of you who are regular attendees, time to ramp up the challenge!

There will be 3 Pilates online classes per week: Tuesday 6pm, Thursday 11am and Thursday 7pm and the links to these will be emailed each week to enable you to continue your Pilates at Home. If you do not receive our regular newsletter then sign up here to receive these emails.

We have decided to make the online classes completely free but we would love it, if you are able, to consider a donation to Bankuet instead who do an amazing job at supporting food banks at this difficult time.

You are welcome to share these classes with spouses and friends but please ask them to try our INTRODUCTION TO PILATES video before trying the class.

Between classes we have developed a video library so you can continue Pilates through the week.

1) Move Better | an easier class for those of you who are new to Pilates or have an ongoing chronic condition.

2) Progress | a class with a bit more progression ideal for our regular Pilates members

3) Challenge | a challenging class for people experienced in Pilates – be prepared to work hard!

The fine print …..

  • if you have not done Pilates before please refer to our basic Introduction to Pilates – if in doubt please get in touch, we want you to exercise safely.
  • if you are sore, movement can often be beneficial, although it can be against our natural instincts. To start, try our easy class but keep taking rests – try using any of the exercises from our mobility (supplementary exercises)video to gently ease any discomfort and help your back ‘learn’ how to move again.
  • try and learn to distinguish between the ‘good ouch’ and the ‘bad ouch’ – this can often be difficult if you have been in pain for a long time. The ‘good ouch’ is muscles that haven’t worked properly for some time – that good old exercise ache! You want to feel the muscles ache from the work they are doing.
  • you can wear whatever you want but try and be barefoot or in socks.
  • you don’t need a mat but have some small cushions or rolled up hand towels ready for your head or if you need padding during the exercises
  • quality is always better than quantity – if you are new to exercise you may not manage all the repetitions – that’s ok! Gradually build up over time and when you move up to the next class be mindful of this too as the exercises are harder
  • please remember to donate to Bankuet if you can

We hope you enjoy these classes and if you have any questions or feedback please let us know