Has anyone ever told you to take up Pilates but you are not sure if it is for you, or don’t really know what it is all about? Perhaps you know someone who enthuses about their experience or you have been advised to consider Pilates by your GP or physiotherapist. Maybe you have decided that you would like to address your health and fitness and don’t really know where to start.

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise which has received critical acclaim – from healthcare experts to celebrities to next door neighbours! Resident physio and Pilates instructor Kat reflects on the benefits she has seen as part of her role here at The Physios but also on how she uses Pilates with professional rugby players.


Here at The Physios we use Pilates to help you achieve your goals, whether that be the ability to garden more easily, learning how to lift in the correct way or to become more flexible to play the sport you love. The basic principles of Pilates are that we want you to use your body more effectively and efficiently on a day to day basis. We help you to condition your body to be utilised in the way it was designed, from the basic mechanics of walking to lifting weights in a gym.

Pilates can be used in conjunction with your physiotherapy treatment or as a stand-alone therapy to allow you to rehabilitate yourself or to manage a long-term condition. Our classes are designed to suit everybody so don’t worry if you have never set foot in a studio before. Alternatively, if want to be pushed a little harder or have a goal to reach then we will tailor your exercises within the class to ensure you achieve your own individual aims.


One of the main things that we love about Pilates is that everyone can benefit from it. I use Pilates with professional rugby league players to aid their flexibility and improve their conditioning so they can lift bigger weights in the gym and perform better on the pitch.

‘I came to the club on the back of having groin and pelvis problems. Doing Pilates helped me get back to full strength which of course was very important. Doing certain exercises such as bridges, pelvic tilts and roll ups on a regular basis helped my recovery and got me back on the field.’ Elliot Minchella, Player, Sheffield Eagles Rugby League Club

We find Pilates so valuable the we run a weekly ‘staff only’ class which we find relieves the stresses and strains that accumulate throughout the week of working behind a desk or delivering ‘hands-on’ treatments. So, we really do practice what we preach!

‘I’ve been really pleasantly surprised not only by how much I enjoy Pilates but how much stronger and more flexible I feel for it already. My running and posture are improving with each week and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be taught by such an encouraging and experienced physio. I’ve been recommending Pilates to everyone I know!’ Abbie Scott, Administrative Manager, The Physios

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Another truly fantastic thing about Pilates is that everyone improves. Patients initially attend feeling apprehensive and at times scared about exercising and how it may affect their condition. In a few weeks people are squatting, trying sit ups and press ups and realising their body can do much more than they thought it could. We love to build up your confidence and encourage everyone to push their boundaries so they can achieve so much more than they thought they ever could. But don’t take our word for it, here are what the experts (our patients) have to say:

“Really enjoy the Pilates classes. Have helped with flexibility, strength and coordination and the variety of exercises each week, Thanks Kat!”
“Great fun even when standing on one leg!”
“Plenty of stretching and balance exercises, really help improve my flexibility and mobility”
“Really enjoying it – a really constructive class. I am motivated to keep doing the exercises at home as well. Have recommended classes to friends and colleagues!”

And here is what the celebs have to say:

“Pilates is the only exercise programme that has changed my body and made me feel great. Jamie Lee Curtis, movie star
“I’m a Pilates person. It’s great. I had a hip problem. I had a chronic back, a pinched nerve and a hip problem and it’s completely solved all of it. I love it. It makes me feel like I’m taller.” Jennifer Anniston, TV and movie star
“Athers (Mike Atherton) suggested I try daily Pilates exercises. He swore by them.” Andrew Flintoff, former England fast bowler


We are just about to launch our Autumn programme of Pilates classes so do book early to avoid disappointment. As usual we will be running classes most week days and Saturday mornings for all ages and abilities. We also hope to introduce a range or new products in the new year including a comprehensive programme of Pilates through to Olympic weight lifting disciplines and an early (pre-work) class for those on a tight schedule

Should you require any further information or would like a conversation with Kat to see if Pilates could be suitable for you, do get in touch below.