Plantar Fasciitis | My Story

Plantar Fasciitis | My story: is a personal encounter from one of our patients describing their successful treatment following a chronic history of heel pain. Proving YOU CAN RETURN TO RUNNING if you follow the 3 successful steps to a gold standard treatment approach that we have set out over the past month in our previous blogs Plantar Fasciitis | Treatment & Plantar Fasciitis | Top 5 Exercises.

Richard is one of our many patients here at The Physios who have benefited from these 3 steps. In the video below he describes the persistent symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis that stopped him running for over a year. The treatment he received to help reset and reload his Plantar Fascia ready to take the natural stresses of day to day activity. Along with the fine tuning and conditioning of his running ability following our RUN LAB package in order to improve his efficiency and reduce the risk of any future injuries.


View Richard’s story below

If Richard’s story has inspired you to sort out those persistent niggles you can book online for our Run Lab or Shockwave Therapy services.

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