• Pregnancy

    It is common to have pain in pregnancy but NOT normal. Stay active and pain free during your pregnancy.

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  • Post Natal Mummy MOT

    Your body goes through massive changes when you carry and deliver a baby. Make sure you get back to your best with this bespoke and in-depth check up.

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  • Women's Pelvic Health

    1 in 3 women will experience pelvic floor issues in their lifetime. Pelvic health issues are a sensitive subject which are often ignored and certainly not discussed. Help is at hand.

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  • Men's Pelvic Health

    Many men can also suffer issues involving the pelvic muscles - from high performance athletes to prostate surgery. The pelvis is the foundation to movement so needs to function optimally.

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Pelvic Health blogs and resources

Take back control of your ‘core and floor’ and return to the things that you love to do.

Men's health

Men’s Pelvic Health

Historically thought to be a female problem, statistically more men than women are being treated successfully for pelvic floor issues...


Post-Natal Mummy MoT

The Mummy MOT is an essential check up to inform and guide your recovery following labour with Sarah our specialist...