• Run | Score

    A simple assessment and treatment package that gives you your very own personal running score. Suitable for all levels but especially aimed at beginner and recreational runners. We look at the 3 pillars of running that give you the foundation to running well, injury free.

    We will look at your FORM, CONDITION & weekly REGIME. Spot the weak links before they potentially become a problem. Help treat persistent niggles that are holding you back. Fine tune your ability to reach those elusive PB’s

  • Session 1 | Run Score assessment

    • Get your very own personal RUN | SCORE
    • Assess your 3 pillars
    • Establish your current run zone
    • Spot the wink links to be worked on
    • Tinker with your technique if needed
    • Educate you on your ideal running week
    • Set your personal running goals
  • Session 2 | bespoke S&C programme

    • Simple exercises to compliment your running
    • Mobility exercises to loosen the stiff bits
    • Stability and strength exercises to control the weak bits
    • Reassess your running form if needed
  • Session 3 | Fine tuning

    • Progress to dynamic and plyometric exercises
    • Address any niggles

Run Education

In order to change behaviour, we need to change belief. Education is a key part of our gold standard approach, and we aim to teach our runners, peers, and followers about the true niche of running well, and injury free. Check out our latest running topics, talks, and videos below: