Kate Mackintosh

  • MSc
  • MCSP

Chartered Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

Kate graduated from Glasgow Caledonian in 2007 and alongside her role as a specialist paediatric physiotherapist quickly developed a passion for clinical Pilates. As a qualified Pilates instructor, she has worked with both children and adults, helping to optimise their movement and return to fitness.

Kate has been running Pilates classes in and around Sheffield since 2010 and is also certified in high intensity training (HIT) Pilates for those wanting a bit more of a challenge. As a Biomechanics Master Trainer, Kate helps clients maximise their function and movement on day to day activities as well as competitive and professional sport.

Kate has a love of everything equestrian and uses Equipilates™ training to combine her skills as a physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and riding instructor when working with riders and their horses both across the country and internationally.

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