Paul Hattam

  • MSc
  • MCSP
  • FSOM
  • Grad Dip Inj Ther

Principal Physiotherapist & Director

Paul leads the team at The Physios and has not only enjoyed developing as a clinician over the years but has thrived on the challenges presented by a growing practice. He started the practice in 1993 having worked as an Advanced Practitioner in the NHS since graduating from Kings College, London 7 years earlier.

Paul was recognised for his post-graduate study and teaching capabilities with the award of Fellowship of the Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine and has taught musculoskeletal medicine and injection therapy extensively since across the UK & Europe.

He leads two MSc modules at a leading University, has authored of a number of scientific papers, a best selling physiotherapy textbook and another text for medics. More recently he has taken time away to study diagnostic ultrasound which provides the practice with access to instant imaging and guided injections which is another step to provide ‘gold standard’ care for every patient.

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