A Pilates based exercise programme, such as the many Pilates classes throughout Sheffield, is a lifestyle choice that focuses on improving movement, strength, flexibility and control.

However, these classes often do not take into account an individual’s injury history, specific physical imbalances or their individual rehabilitation aims. Combining this clinical context with advanced knowledge of the musculoskeletal system (physiotherapy) and Pilates training ensures an optimum outcome giving a clinical focus to our classes, hence Clinical Pilates.

Why choose our Clinical Pilates?

Our Pilates classes incorporate advanced physiotherapy training to each Pilates exercise. Choosing the right exercises for you means that you will quickly see a difference in how your body responds to these sessions; removing bad habits, reducing pain and creating a positive change.

Many people come to Pilates to improve core stability following an injury, for example, lower back pain. The principles of Clinical Pilates mean that there are often many contributing factors to a particular issue. For example, whilst lower back pain may be the main issue someone is hoping to ‘fix’, other associated problems such as hip or knee weakness may also be contributory factors. There might be 4 or 5 people in each class but each person will have a bespoke individual programme with modified exercises to manage their holistic clinical presentation, all under the watchful eye of our experienced Physiotherapy Pilates instructor.

What should I expect from a Clinical Pilates class?

All our Pilates classes and bespoke 1:1 sessions are developed and designed by physio Kate Mackintosh. Kate has many ‘strings to her bow’ which makes her ideally qualified to combine your clinical presentation with a targeted and progressive Pilates programme. As an experienced physiotherapist, a Biomechanics master trainer, Equipilates trainer and riding instructor, not to mention her advanced Pilates qualification, she will equip you with confidence to fully participate and progress. Our classes are small so all exercises can be clinically tailored to your needs while still feeling you are being challenged. Kate can also adjust your programme within the session enabling you to participate in all aspects of the class.

As you become familiar with the key aspects of clinical Pilates: alignment, breathing and correct muscle activation, you will begin to recognise that Clinical Pilates intertwines with all aspects of daily life. You name it and Clinical Pilates will be assisting you in some way or another to reduce pain, prevent injury and improve your movement.

Sounds great, how do I get involved?

Do get in touch to enquire about our Pilates programme or indeed book a bespoke 1:1 session with Kate online. Our classes are small and bespoke but also highly popular. Our reception team are on hand to find a class that suits you.


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